Suriname is a surprising and multilateral holiday destination. The magnificent Amazon rainforest with its boisterous rivers, imposing waterfalls and an unprecedented flora and wild life, is barely trodden and not yet discovered by mass tourism. Suriname also has extensive savannas, beautiful mangrove bushes and little idyllic beaches where giant turtles come to lay their eggs.

The hospitable and friendly population consists of many cultures, including Hindus, Creoles, Chinese, Javanese, Maroons and indigenous people. All these populations have kept their own traditional cultures and they live together peacefully.
The capital Paramaribo has a Caribbean look and harbours many sights, shops, bars and restaurants. The historical centre with its fine buildings and beautiful colonial wooden houses are for good reason on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During a walk through certain parts of the city, history will revive.

You won’t easily forget a visit to Suriname. Once you get to know this unique destination, it will always have a special place in your heart.