Anaula Nature Resort – Terms and Conditions

Reisvoorwaarden Anaula Nature Resort – Algemene VoorwaardenFor convenience, here is a PDF  with the terms and conditions. You can print it out and review it well.

1) Under these terms, all services provided by Anaula Nature Resort, and / or Anaula by third parties, are included. For example, the term “packages” includes the following services:
* Bus and / or air transport
* Boat transport
* The accommodations
* The meals
* The excursions
* Guidance guidance
2) Passengers are understood to mean the natural or legal person who, for himself or on behalf of one or more travelers, which, according to the client, should or may be regarded as a group, decreases the service.

3) The client and / or the traveler is liable for the fulfillment of all obligations arising from him / her from the travel agreement upon acceptance of the order. Anaula is also liable for the fulfillment of all obligations arising out of her travel agreement unless the fulfillment of those obligations can not reasonably be claimed from Anaula due to force majeure, such as natural disasters, political unrest and other forms of force majeure.4) The written confirmation of the acceptance of Anaula reservation and a first payment of at least 25% of the travel fee due from the travel agreement is the sole proof of the agreement and the client and / or the traveler. These terms are an integral part of the travel agreement. The balance of the booking fee must be paid to Anaula no later than 14 days before the day of departure, no departure day. If the client and / or the traveler fails to meet the balance in time, Anaula can cancel the order for reservation and retain the first payment for himself as compensation, subject to the provisions of 9 of these Terms. Payment by credit card, pin pass and traveler checks will be charged.

5) The travel program is indicated in the travel program, as provided by Anaula to the client and / or the traveler, unless otherwise agreed in writing.Anaula Nature Resort “ Algemene Voorwaarden

6) Anaula is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by third parties.

7) The published travel rate is per person based on a double room occupancy. If the traveler has paid for a single fee (single surcharge), the accommodation is based on one person per room.

8) Without prejudice to the terms of this agreement, Anaula reserves the right to change the travel amount if the travel price is also determined by prices of third party services and the third is changing prices. Anaula will notify such a change to the client and / or the traveler as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days before departure. The client and / or the traveler has the right to cancel the trip.

9) Already paid funds will be refunded without interest compensation if such cancellation by the client and / or the traveler to Anaula is communicated within 3 days after the price change has been communicated to the client and / or the traveler.

10) The duration of the trip is stated throughout the day, with the days of departure and arrival being considered as a whole day.

11) The traveler must be in possession of the necessary evidence of vaccinations and vaccinations upon departure and during the trip.Anaula Nature Resort “ Algemene Voorwaarden

12) Anaula is not liable for the consequences resulting from the invalidation of vaccinations and vaccinations, and the client and traveler safeguards Anaula in this regard.

13) The client and / or traveler must provide a valid passport and / or a passenger’s identity card upon booking.

14) In case of cancellation of a trip by the client or traveler 21 to 30 days before departure, the day of departure is not included, a penalty of 25% of the travel fee is due.

15) If canceled 8 to 20 days before departure 50% of the travel fee is due

16) In case of cancellation less than 7 days the full travel amount.

17) Anaula reserves the right to terminate the travel agreement without being liable for damages and to cancel without judicial intervention: sub (a) in case of force majeure as referred to in article 3

18) Anaula must inform the client and / or the traveler as soon as possible of the cancellation as referred to in Article 13 (a). In all cases referred to in Article 13, Anaula shall refund the received travel allowance without interest compensation.

19) Anaula is not responsible for the consequences resulting from the provided photos, leaflets and other information material the trip or travel program regarding.

20) The client and / or the traveler must at the expense of a suitable travel and accident insurance and cancellation insurance.

21) Anaula can change the travel program in case of cultural or weather conditions or for safety reasons.Anaula Nature Resort – Algemene Voorwaarden

22) Anaula may be a traveler who in any way seriously misbehaves the journey or excludes the further course of it, without being liable to pay damages.

23) Damage caused by limited means of communication, transportation facilities, medical assistance and the adventurous nature of the trip can not make the traveler Anaula liable.

24) In the event of the flight being undertaken, Anaula is not liable for the damage caused by the passenger, resulting in delays in the air transport caused by third parties and which delays cause third parties a force majeure.

25) If group bookings have been made for a trip, the client is deemed to disclose travel conditions to all members of the group, and Anaula shall be free from all damages in this regard.

26) Under these terms and conditions that may not be changed by an employee, intermediary or agent of Anaula, only Surinam law shall apply.

27) Pets are not allowed.

* Although the risk of malaria is small, we recommend you to the B.O.G. (Public Health Office) for malaria tablets. Address: Paramaribo Red Cross Avenue Tel: 499494

Office hours B.O.G. Monday-Friday 07.00-15.00 * The permitted weight for the plane is set at 7 kg per person

Due to the nature of our resort, we advise you not to use any music equipment.

* Transport to and from our Resort
* All tours, trips and activities
* All meals and beverages
* Professional Dutch / English-speaking guides
* Accommodation based on 2 persons per room

* Transport to and from local airport Care and Hope.
* Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages not included, available at our well-stocked bar

* Close a good insurance for your property and a separate accident and cancellation insurance
* Do not include valuable items during the tour (jewelry, travel documents, currency)