The location of Anaula Nature Resort

De ligging van Anaula Nature Resort

The Anaula Nature Resort is located on a woody island of ± 12 hectares in an area called the Ferulasi rapids in the centre of Suriname. About 3 hectares. of the island is used for the resort itself. The rest, 9 ha., is pure tropical rainforest.

There are trails on the island, so you’re able to make a walk in the woods on your own or together with one of our guides. A walk around the island takes about 30 minutes. The island is located approximately 180 km from the capital of Suriname, Paramaribo, and it takes a 4 hours drive by bus, followed by a boattrip of 1 hour.

Anaula Nature Resort is set according to the Surinamese health authority (Buro Public Health) in a malaria-free area. Swallowing malaria tablets is absolutely not necessary.

Boven-Suriname (Upper Suriname).
The Upper Surinam area, in which the Anaula Nature Resort is located, is famous for its unique culture of the Marroons and its pure Amazonian forest. The Maroons, descendants of demolished slaves, established themselves in the inaccessible interior long ago, where they built a new existence. Because of their isolated way of life, a completely different culture developed with strong African influences. Maroon villages like Ladoani, Gunsi, New Aurora and JawJaw are located nearby Anaula Nature Resort. The women in their colorful robes, the children playing on the water side in contrast to the purity of the tropical rain forest, provide a breathtaking scene. The Maroons are proud of their culture and are happy to meet you with their fascinating way of life.

Google map overview of Anaula Nature Resort Suriname

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